Model your business moves before you make them

Adjust your ProfitLevers to test the true impact of your moves on your profitability

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Business moves fast

Businesses make moves all the time, in real time. Unless you have the time and skill to build a model to project the outcome of every move, do you really know the impact of that move?

Business is complex

There are a lot of moving parts and everything is interdependent. When you move one thing, everything moves. Having visibilty of both the parts and whole at once is challenging without drowning in numbers.

Too much info

We have access to more numbers, data and insight than we have ever had before. If you have never learnt the fundamentals of business, how do you put all this information and insight into action?

How ProfitShape works

Your dynamic business projection model, where profit isn’t just the bottom line

Start with a base shape

Match your business with a base shape so you can start playing with relevant ProfitLevers from the get go.

Customise your ProfitShape

Make the base shape yours by importing your financial and operational data. Your ProfitShape is unlike any other, isn't that cool!

Apply your ProfitLevers

Play with your industry-specific ProfitLevers to see their immediate impact on profitability. Project forward, test the viability of your moves and build scenarios.

Make better business moves

Modelling your moves before you make them helps you make the right move, wrapping numbers around your experience and intuition, rather than guesswork.

"I have always seen the Profit and Loss Statement as the scorecard at the end of the game. It’s like the umpire, rather than the coach. It doesn’t tell you how to actually play the game of business."

James Pedersen

Co-founder, ProfitShape

Start fast

Base shapes for your industry

We have an extensive library of base shapes to match with. We are always building new ones so get in touch if you would like us to build yours.


Understand where you make profit and where you don’t so you can focus on the right combination of products, services and opening hours.


Some products are cost effective to manufacture, others aren’t. Understand your true unit economics with a ProfitShape.


Hospitality businesses are notoriously difficult. Understand the complex revenue and operating expenses of your hospitality business with a ProfitShape.


There are a lot of hidden costs in distribution, ProfitShape gives transparency to the true cost of distribution, the sweet spots and pain points.

Your ProfitShape

Start from scratch and completely customise your ProfitShape from the get go.

Professional Services

As a professional services firm, you rely on your people. With ProfitShape you can better understand the impact on profitability as you tweak your human capital inputs.


Understand which of your product/service offerings brings in profit, not just revenue.


A ProfitShape can help you understand the impacts of flexing the services you offer, the staff you hire and the hours you serve for the most effective results.

Work on your business, in your business

Be faster, more strategic and more empowered with every move

They always say you need to work 'on' your business as well as 'in' it. But the pace of business doesn't often allow the time and space to do this - ProfitShape gives you the power to do both, model your moves as you go.

Wrapping the numbers around your potential business moves means you can be confident you are making the right move at the right time.

"I had absolutely no idea that was an $11k decision."

Erin McKenzie-Lawton

Restaurant Manager, Wellington

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